Math simulation software

Outer space is extremely hostile. For example, micrometeoroid impact is one of the most common threats for spacecrafts. TSC SB RAS in collaboration with TSU, TPU and Harbin University of Engineering is working on the development of software systems to simulate orbit emergencies and to prevent them.

«At first glance, a tiny micrometeoroid seems to be unable to cause severe damages to a satellite, but it has tremendous speed exceeding the bullet one so this can lead to a number of unpredictable consequences – from a spacecraft shell damage to serious equipment occurrences and even flight failures», - says Roman Cherepanov, a researcher from TSC SB RAS and TPU. Satellite solar batteries are the weakest point so one of the most important tasks is to simulate an optimal panel design to resist micrometeoroid impact, which means to choose their optimal thickness and the distance between the panels and other equipment. The next serious task is to develop methods and algorithms to simulate the behavior of debris in orbit and to predict its damage effect.

The “Akademicheskii prospect” has already reported that simulation analysis allows finding out optimal engineering solutions for space industry. One of the significant achievements of our scientists is the development of an integrated software system which includes several numerical methods and describes all the stages of continuum behavior during high speed loading and destruction. The research is conducted under the supervision of R.O. Cherepanov.

The new integrated software system developed to solve the task is based on the software systems previously developed by researchers of TSC SB RAS, TSU and TPU. It will significantly improve the computational experiment efficiency and bring a better understanding of material behavior in open space.