Доклады конференции RAST - 2020

RAST-2020 ИОА МАРЧЕНКО studying the distribution of the air gas composition in the surface air layer

RAST-2020 ИОА ПОЗНАХАРЕВ estimation of communication device characteristics non-line-of-sight atmospheric optical communication on scattered radiation

RAST-2020 ИОА ПОЧУФАРОВ the development and test results of a sun sensor for solar photometers

RAST-2020 ИОА СЕЛИН adaptive optic systems for horizontal atmospheric paths

RAST-2020 ИОА УДАЛОВ rad-hard pin photodiode design studying

RAST-2020 ИФПМ ДЬЯЧЕНКО the mechanical properties of ti-ni-ta-based surface alloys on the niti-substrate formed by the additive thin-film electron beam synthesis

RAST-2020 ИФПМ ЕРМАКОВА the effect of feed speed on the quality of titanium-aluminium bimetal formed by friction stir welding

RAST-2020 ИФПМ КАЛАШНИКОВ the influence of the wire feed geometry on the process of the electron-beam freeform fabrication of ti6al4v components

RAST-2020 ИФПМ МОСКВИНА the characterization of surface layers produced by ion plasma treatment in сrnimo austenitic stainless steel

RAST-2020 ИФПМ НОВИЦКАЯ deformation of hadfield steel single crystals by dry sliding friction

RAST-2020 ИФПМ ОСИПОВИЧ regularities in formation of polymetallic materials using electron-beam additive technology

RAST-2020 ИФПМ ПАНЧЕНКО the effect of interphase (austeniteferrite) and intergranular boundaries on hydrogen embrittlement of a high-nitrogen austenitic steel

RAST-2020 ИМКЭС КОШИКОВА сharacteristics of mesoscale convective complexes over the south of western siberia

RAST-2020 ИМКЭС ФИЛАТОВ optical device for measuring the parameters of a snowstorm

RAST-2020 ИОА ZHANG automatic 3d mapping of aerosol plumes according to lidar sensing data

RAST-2020 ИОА ТРИФОНОВА-ЯКОВЛЕВА the retrieval of greenhouse gases concentrations from the measured solar spectrum

RAST-2020 ИСЭ ДОРОШКЕВИЧ the wide-aperture electron accelerator based on ion-electron emission with beam outputting in the ambient atmosphere

RAST-2020 ИСЭ ЗУЗА deposition of the dielectric coating from plasma

RAST-2020 ИХН БОЯР combined conversion of petroleum residue and vegetable oil

RAST-2020 ИХН ВОЛКОВА the chemical composition of soil in the territory of an oil refining facility

RAST-2020 ИХН ДАНКОВЦЕВ olefins c3-c4 oxidation under the action of barrier discharge in plasma-chemical reactor with cryogenic cooling

RAST-2020 ИМКЭС ПАРЕЖЕВА distribution of incoming total solar radiation taking into account the influence of the topography on the basis of gis

RAST-2020 ИСЭ КОКОВИН theoretical simulation of electric breakdown development in high-pressure gases under conditions of high-spatial electric field inhomogeneity