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    Tomsk Scientific Center, Siberian Branch of Academy of Sciences was established in December 1978

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    Russian and international conferences are organized by Tomsk Scientific Center

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    The Tomsk Regional Center for Collective Use of TSC SB RAS is conducting atmospheric research, physical and chemical analysis, radio measurements, research in materials science, spectroscopy and oscillography

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    From the air

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    The LeCroy Wave Master 830Zi-A real-time digital oscilloscope is placed in an anechoic chamber. It is designed to measure the amplitude and time parameters of pulsed signals with high temporal resolution

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    The Research Department for Structural Macrokinetics of TSC SB RAS is measuring the content of oxygen, nitrogen and hydrogen in synthesized samples of nitrides, oxynitrides and steels on the LECO ONH836 analyser


Research news

  • 11-06-2021   Astronomers spot a 'blinking giant' near the center of the Galaxy Astronomers have spotted a giant 'blinking' star towards the centre of the Milky Way, more than 25,000 light years away.
  • 11-06-2021   Star's death will play a mean pinball with rhythmic planets Four planets locked in a perfect rhythm around a nearby star are destined to be pinballed around their solar system when their sun eventually dies, according to a new study that peers into its future.
  • 11-06-2021   Novel liquid crystal metalens offers electric zoom Researchers have created a first-of-its-kind metalens a metamaterial lens that can be focused using voltage instead of mechanically moving its components.
  • 11-06-2021   Cause, scope determined for deadly winter debris flow in Uttarakhand, India The Uttarakhand region of India experienced a humanitarian tragedy on Feb. 7, 2021, when a wall of debris and water barreled down the Ronti Gad, Rishiganga and Dhauliganga river valleys. This debris flow destroyed two hydropower facilities and left more than 200 people dead or missing. A self-organized coalition of 53 scientists came together in the days following the disaster to investigate the cause, scope and impacts.
  • 11-06-2021   Astronomy meets pathology to identify predictive biomarkers for cancer immunotherapy Pairing sky-mapping algorithms with advanced immunofluorescence imaging of cancer biopsies, researchers developed a robust platform to guide immunotherapy by predicting which cancers will respond to specific therapies targeting the immune system.
  • 11-06-2021   Printing flexible wearable electronics for smart device applications With the increase in demand for flexible wearable electronics, researchers have explored flexible energy storage devices, such as flexible supercapacitators, that are lightweight and safe and easily integrate with other devices. Printing electronics has proved to be an economical, simple, and scalable strategy for fabricating FSCs. Researchers provide a review of printed FSCs in terms of ability to formulate functional inks, design printable electrodes, and integrate functions with other electronic devices.