The scientists of the Tomsk Scientific Center have won an international prize

The presentation by scientists from the Tomsk Scientific Center of the SB RAS was selected as the best at the most popular international conference on combustion processes, the Asia-Pacific Conference on Combustion, held every two years by the authoritative international organization, the Combustion Institute.

According to tradition, at each new conference, the scientific teams whose presentations were selected as the best by the results of the previous conference are awarded. Among the winners is a group of scientists (TSC SB RAS), including Anatoly Maznoy, Head of the Laboratory; Leading Researchers Alexander Kirdyashkin and Sergey Minaev; and Junior Researcher Nikita Pichugin.

In July 2019, shortly before the pandemic, Alexander Ivanovich and I attended the Asia-Pacific Conference on Combustion, ASPACC-2019, held in Fukuoka (Japan), a coastal city near the place where the Battle of Tsushima (1905) ended the Russo -Japanese War, says Anatoly Maznoy. More than 600 people took part in the conference, and about 400 presentations were made. The trip was successful. We met Professor Stephen Shai from the National Central University of Taiwan. This year, the TSC SB RAS delivered cylindrical intermetallic radiant burners for joint research work with a Taiwanese industrial partner.

Now, the Tomsk scientists received a letter from Professor Hong Im, chairman of the conference, informing them that their presentation devoted to the characteristics of radiant burners for combustion of hydrogen-containing gases developed at the TSC SB RAS had been declared the best.

The winners were to be honored in Abu Dhabi, the capital of the United Arab Emirates. However, the pandemic made its corrections: the scientists from Tomsk joined the events through Zoom. A memorable diploma and a crystal cup of the winners will arrive son to Tomsk. By the way, at the end of the passing year, A.S. Maznoy successfully defended his doctoral thesis!